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Preface i

Jorma Rissanen, Teemu Roos & Petri Myllymäki
Entropy in Models for Estimation 1

Teemu Roos
Information capacity of full-body movements 2

Joachim M. Buhmann
What is the information content of an algorithm? 3

Joe Suzuki
The MDL principle for arbitrary data:either discrete or continuous or none of them 4

Ionut Schiopu & Ioan Tăbuş
Lossless contour compression using chain-code representations and context tree coding 6

Ioan Tăbuş & Jorma Rissanen
Time- and space-varying context tree models for image coding and analysis 14

Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi
Bandits without Regrets: The Power of Adaptive Adversaries 15

Junya Honda
Regret Analysis of a Bandit Problem for Normal Distributions with Unknown Means and Variances 16

Taiji Suzuki
Dual Averaging and Proximal Gradient Descent for Online Alternating Direction Multiplier Method 17

Jesus Enrique Garcia & Verónica Andrea González-López
Estimating the structure of interacting coordinates for a multivariate stochastic process 18

Noboru Murata, Kensuke Koshijima & Hideitsu Hino
Distance-based Change-Point Detection with Entropy Estimation 22

Kenji Yamanishi & Hiroki Kanazawa
Stochastic Complexity for Piecewise Stationary Memoryless Sources 26

Jesus Enrique Garcia & Verónica Andrea González-López
Detecting Regime Changes In Markov Models 27

Narayana Prasad Santhanam
Estimation in Markov processes 31

Jun'ichi Takeuchi
Asymptotically Minimax Prediction for Markov Sources 32

Eiji Takimoto
Combinatorial online prediction by continuous relaxation 33

Toshiyuki Tanaka
Compressed sensing and minimax denoising 34

Sanghee Cho & Andrew Barron
Approximate Iterative Bayes Optimal Estimates for High-Rate Sparse Superposition Codes 35

Cynthia Rush & Andrew Barron
Using the Method of Nearby Measures in Superposition Coding with a Bernoulli Dictionary 43

Shiro Ikeda
Optimization of probability measure and its applications in information theory 49

Ryota Tomioka
Convex Optimization for Tensor Decomposition 50

Wray Buntine
The flow of information in networks of probability vectors 54

Shigeki Miyake & Hitoshi Asaeda
Network Coding and Its Application to Content Centric Networking 55

Fumiyasu Komaki
Bayesian predictive densities when the distributions of data and target variables are different 62

Kazuho Watanabe, Teemu Roos & Petri Myllymäki
Achievability of Asymptotic Minimax Optimality in Online and Batch Coding 63

Xiao Grace Yang & Andrew Barron
Large Alphabet Coding And Prediction Through Poissonization And Titling 68

Joseph A. O'Sullivan
Information Bounds and Poisson Inference 75

Michael U. Gutmann & Aapo Hyvärinen
Estimation of unnormalized statistical models without numerical integration 76

Ralf Eggeling, Teemu Roos, Petri Myllymäki & Ivo Grosse
Model Selection In a Setting With Latent Variables 84

Keisuke Yamazaki
Distribution-Based Estimation of theLatent Variables and its Accuracy 87

Sumio Watanabe
WAIC and WBIC are Information Criteria for Singular Statistical Model Evaluation 90